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Disney, Movies March 27, 2017

Discover Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Digital with Roku & Disney Movies Anywhere | #TeamRebel #RogueOneDigital

Yesterday myself and some other pretty amazing bloggers had a Rogue One Viewing Party over on Twitter! We gave away some great prizes and had a blast doing it – all thanks to Disney and Roku! We were given a digital code for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and a Roku stick to watch it on – as well as some other amazing Star Wars goodies. I had seen the movie in theaters, but it is a great film and I had been dying to watch it again. I even made some cupcakes to enjoy while watching it! I hope you joined us – it was a blast!

Giveaways, Movies March 27, 2017

DIY Smurf Cupcakes + A Smurfs: The Lost Village #Giveaway | #SmurfsMovie #RWM

My daughters are very excited for the new Smurfs movie! They love those little blue guys – and OK, my husband and I do too! We grew up watching them and couldn’t be any more excited about the fact that our girls get to as well! I, personally, am so happy they are still around – and with new content coming out. In order to celebrate Smurfs: The Lost Village, we put together some fun cupcakes – and I am going to tell you exactly how you can make them too!

Disney, Entertainment, FanGirl Friday, Movies March 24, 2017

My Exclusive Interview with Kurt Russell About His Role as Ego in #GOTGVol2

While on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 last May, I was completely blindsided with a Kurt Russell interview! We thought he would have already been wrapped from filming, but as we were finishing up lunch we were whisked away quickly with no idea what was going on. We were told to follow and that is what we did. We ended up in a blue room where filming was clearly going on – and then were told “you are going to be interviewing Kurt Russell in about three minutes.” What, did I hear that right? KURT RUSSELL? My fellow bloggers and I gasped and took about 5 seconds to freak out before we started wracking our brains for questions to ask a legend in the film industry.

Disney, FanGirl Friday, Movies March 24, 2017

Join Me on Twitter 3/26 for a Digital Viewing of Rogue One & Twitter Party! | #TeamRebel #RogueOneDigital

You might remember that I was lucky enough to interview the cast and see part of Rogue One last December on the Rogue One Press Event. It was an amazing time and since I had only been able to see about 28 minutes of the movie, I went to theaters opening day to watch the rest of it. The movie blew me away. In fact, I went back and saw it a second time. Since then I have been anxiously awaiting it’s release so that I can watch it again…and again…and again. Well that wait is finally over! TODAY, March 24th, you can watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere! And then on April 4th, you can pick up the Blu-ray Combo Pack or DVD in stores and online!

Giveaways, Kids, Movies March 21, 2017

SING Comes Home TODAY Full of Fun Bonus Features! | #SINGMovie #SINGAuditions #Giveaway

My husband and I love to take my girls to see movies in the theater. We try to go once a month because we always have so much fun. It is a great bonding experience as a family and my daughters just love it. We recently went to see Sing in theaters and it was one of our favorite movies ever! So when we were offered a chance to throw a Sing party to celebrate the Blu-ray and DVD release – we jumped at it! This movie comes home TODAY (March 21) and I could not recommend it anymore! It is truly fun for the whole family! We loved watching all of the awesome bonus features as well – and honestly, this disc was packed full of them!

Giveaways, Kids, Movies March 14, 2017

Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade on DVD Just in Time for Easter! | #IceAge #Giveaway

My girls and I are huge fan so the Ice Age franchise. I remember going to see the first one in the theater when I was younger, and now I take my daughters to see each new one as they come out. I was really excited to hear that Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade was coming to DVD in time to be included in my daughters’ Easter Baskets! I just know they will be really happy to see that the Easter Bunny included a copy for them in their basket of treats. This is a short film (about 22 minutes) in the film franchise but still includes all your favorite characters! The DVD also includes a lot of bonus features that are fun for the whole family to watch.

Kids, Movies March 13, 2017

LEGO: NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu: Skybound Season Six on DVD 3/14 | #LEGONinjago #LEGO

My daughters love LEGOs. They love to build with them, to play with them, and of course, to watch the LEGO movies and TV shows. One of their favorites is LEGO: NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu. My 5 year old especially has taken to this series. My husband and I really enjoy watching it with her as well. It is filled with action and humor – and it a great show to watch all as a family. We were really excited to see season six coming out on DVD. We love to binge watch our shows and this is a great way to do it. Not to mention, my daughter likes to take the DVD in the car to watch during long drives. This DVD is packed full with 10 episodes for hours of LEGO fun!

Disney, Giveaways, Kids, Movies March 6, 2017

Our Moana Viewing Party Fun + Win Your Own Digital Copy! | #Moana #Disney #MoanaOnDigital

When I was vacationing with my family in Disney World last November, we were lucky enough to see Moana a few days before it came out. We actually watched it on the beach at the Polynesian Resort – and despite being an uncharacteristically cold night in Florida, it is a great family memory of ours. We all loved the movie so much that my husband came home and immediately got HeiHei and Pua tattoos! We are also planning to get matching Mini Maui tattoos soon. So of course we were thrilled to hear that Moana was finally coming out on Blu-ray and DVD! It recently became available on Disney Movies Anywhere and Digital HD/3D. We actually rented it from a hotel when we were on vacation a couple weeks ago. But Moana is coming home on Blu-ray and DVD on March 7 and it is jam packed with amazing bonus features!

Kids, Movies March 5, 2017

The Legend Of Chupacabras Comes To DVD and Digital HD March 7 | #LegendOfChupacabras

Uncover the truth behind one of the most popular Latin American folktales when the fun animated adventure, The Legend of Chupacabras, arrives on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand March 7 from Lionsgate. The film will also be available in its original Spanish-language version, La Leyenda del Chupacabras, on Digital HD and On Demand. A thrilling adventure unfolds when a group of magical friends embark on a journey to discover what lies beyond the mysteries of the mythical Chupacabra. Will the secrets of the fabled monster be revealed in this family-friendly exploration?

Kids, Movies February 26, 2017

Kikoriki: Legend Of The Golden Dragon Comes to DVD on 3/7 | #Kikoriki #ShoutFactory

The new CG-animated feature Kikoriki: Legend Of The Golden Dragon is coming to DVD in North America on March 7, 2017 from Shout! Factory in partnership with Odin’s Eye Entertainment and Riki Group. Beloved around the world, and known to U.S. audiences from the “GoGoRiki” TV series that aired on The CW, the cute, colorful Kikoriki crew are now starring in their own movie. My girls were super excited to hear this because this is one of their favorite shows! We were lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this DVD and it did not disappoint!