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Entertainment, Kids, Television February 5, 2017

Shaun the Sheep: Seasons 3 and 4 arrives on DVD and Digital HD February 7 from Lionsgate

My girls LOVE Shaun the Sheep. We took them to see the movie when it was in theaters and ever since they have been watching the show over and over. They watch it at least once a week – it is actually one of the few shows they can both agree on. We were thrilled to receive an advance copy of Seasons 3 and 4 on DVD. It quickly became a top choice for the DVD player in the mini van when we go on long drives. It is a great continuation of a great show.

Disney, Kids, Printables, Television February 4, 2017

Elena and the Secret of Avalor on DVD 2/7! | #ElenaOfAvalor #Disney

Disney’s newest princess comes to DVD with the release of Elena and the Secret of Avalor to tell the story of how Elena’s adventures in Avalor began! This DVD is packed with laughs, new characters to cherish, and heart, Elena and the Secret of Avalor is a must-own for the entire family! Includes the TV Movie, Plus Four Additional Episodes, a music video, and a FREE exclusive Flying Jaquin Mobile! Enter to win this DVD and more in this amazing Elena of Avalor Prize Pack!

Entertainment, Kids, Television January 26, 2017

Dreamworks Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh Season 2 Comes to Netflix | #HomeTheSeries #Netflix

My daughters are huge fans of Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh on Netflix. Not a day goes by that we don’t watch at least one episode. My youngest, who is 4, is obsessed with it. Her favorite episode is the beauty pageant one. We know all the words of the song Tip sings at the end by heart – “While curing hunger would be amazing, it’s not very realistic…” – and it is the cutest thing to watch her sing it. My daughters were so excited when I told them that season 2 was coming to Netflix this weekend (January 27th). My youngest started singing and dancing around and my oldest was literally jumping for joy.

Entertainment, Television January 26, 2017

Johnny and Friends Featuring Jerry Seinfeld on DVD | #JerrySeinfeld

My husband is a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan. He loves his comedy and of course, the show. He has seen every episode more times than he can count. In fact, he can tell you what happens in the entire episode just by watching the intro. So when I heard about the recent release of The Tonight Show: Johnny and Friends Featuring Jerry Seinfeld I knew it was something that we needed to own. My husband was thrilled to be able to see Seinfeld’s appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny. There are many other great ones too including Robin Williams (I NEED this one!), David Letterman, and Steve Martin.

Kids, Television January 24, 2017

Why My Girls Love ABC Monsters! | #NCircle #ABCMonsters

Just over a year ago my daughters were introduced to the show ABC Monsters thanks to my work with NCircle Entertainment. They quickly fell in love with the characters and have had a blast solving letter mysteries ever since. We only had the first DVD for the longest time, which features the letters A, B, C, & D, but now we have all 5 of the DVDs. The girls were super excited to find out that there were many more episodes for them to watch. I am not exaggerating when I say that we watched this DVD over and over and over again – so I was excited to see some fresh stuff too! They now have the collection all the way up to U – and we can’t wait for the next (and last?) one to be released.

Kids, Television January 22, 2017

ODD Squad: The Movie Debutes on DVD 1/24 | #OddSquad #PBSKids

Things are about to get very odd…! PBS Distribution announced recently that they will release “ODD SQUAD: THE MOVIE” on DVD. This is the first-ever movie from the multiple Emmy-winning live-action PBS KIDS series from The Fred Rogers Company. My 5 year old is a huge fan of this show – and my husband and I are too. She has learned so much from it. It is a show that we really enjoy watching all together as a family. Even our 4 year old likes it. This movie has made a great addition to our DVD collection, and I highly recommend it for anyone with younger kids.

Kids, Television January 18, 2017

Super Why: Puppy Power on DVD Now! | #SuperWhy

My daughters love the PBS Kids show Super Why. It has been one of their favorites since it came out. We have a collection of their DVDs and so they were really excited to see a new one coming out that features Woofster, Whyatt’s puppy! This fun-filled DVD titled Puppy Power includes four puppy-packed adventures. Join Woofster and the Super Readers for exciting adventures where they save other troubled pets, explore a comic book that Whyatt created called “The Missing Princess of Pet City,” and learn to concentrate by overcoming distractions! This collection of stories features tons of new furry friends and will inspire kids to go on reading adventures.

Entertainment, Kids, Television January 16, 2017

A New Musical DVD from WordWorld | #WordWorld #PBSKids

Put on your dancing shoes! PBS Distribution is releasing eight stories from the PBS KIDS Emmy® Award-winning WORDWORLD series on the new DVD “LET’S MAKE MUSIC!” Join the WordFriends as they sing, dance, and learn about letters and words. In this new DVD, kids can watch the WordFriends build words such as PIANO, BELL, HORN, GUITAR, TUBA, and DRUM. “LET’S MAKE MUSIC!” will be available on DVD January 17, 2017. My girls and I received an advance copy and it is amazing! Definitely one of our favorite WordWorld DVDs. We added this to our DVD collection in our mini-van for longer car rides and the girls are thrilled.

Disney, Entertainment, Kids, Television January 13, 2017

Mickey and the Roadster Racers Premiers 1/15: My Interview With The Executive Producers | #MickeyRacersEvent

While at The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco (on Walt Disney’s birthday!) I was lucky enough to see an advance screening of the first two episodes of Mickey and the Roadster Racers. I knew instantly that this was a show my daughters were going to love. There was so much of the classic Mickey in it, with a great mix of newer stuff – like you get in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This show is going to be an immediate hit – I am already eager to start collecting the toys and watching more episodes with my girls. I am super excited to be able to share it with them when it premiers on January 15th! I also got to chat with Mark Seidenberg and Rob Laduca (the executive producers) about the show after watching it. They are such great guys – and I could tell that they love the Mouse and his pals as much as I do! Our conversation with Mark and Rob was amazing. I felt like they really took us in to their world. They explained to us about how they started doing what they do, how they met, and about how much Mickey Mouse and Disney mean to them.

Disney, Entertainment, Kids, Printables, Television January 9, 2017

The Lion Guard: Life In The Pride Lands on DVD 1/10 + Enter To Win A HUGE Prize Pack | #TheLionGuard #Disney

My family loves The Lion Guard. I remember watching The Lion King with my brother and sister when I was a little girl and it has always been one of my favorite films. It still makes me cry. So when The Lion Guard came out, I knew it was a show I had to start watching with my daughters. We are officially hooked – and even DVR it to make sure we do not miss an episode. We were all thrilled to receive an advanced copy of the latest DVD, Life in the Pride Lands – and it became an instant hit for long car rides in the van. My girls are obsessed with this show (and I don’t mind one bit!).