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Disney, Kids, Movies, Printables April 21, 2017

Celebrate Earth Day with Born in China + A FREE Activity Packet | #GotGVol2Event #BornInChina

DisneyNature movies are some of my favorite movies to cuddle up with my daughters and watch. They love them because they are filled with adorable animals, and I love them because – well, basically the same reason. I am always impressed by how much my girls learn about nature and animals when we watch them. Yes, there are usually some rough parts to get through, but they understand the circle of life very well for a 4 and 5 year old – in part due to films like these.

Disney, Kids April 20, 2017

How to Throw a #DisneyKids Playdate | #PlayDate #Disney

We are what you would call a Disney family. We are Disney Vacation Club members and go to the parks at least once a year. We have also been on a Disney Cruise twice in the last year. We love all things Disney and pretty much any get-together or party we put together has a Disney theme. The last two years we were selected to host a Disney Preschool Playdate, and this year I was picked again.

Books, Kids April 18, 2017

A New Twist on An Old Classic: Kid’s Will Love Elly And The Smelly Sneaker

My daughters and I spend each evening cuddled up on the couch – or in one of their beds – with a handful of books. We are always reading together and it is one of the things I will miss as they grow older. We recently received a copy of Elly and the Smelly Sneaker and it has quickly become a favorite bedtime story in our home. This is a fun twist on the classic tale of Cinderella, and any young child is sure to enjoy it! I might have even teared up at the end (no surprise here as everything makes me cry now). My youngest daughter is a bit of a tomboy, so this story really hit home with her (and me) as we read it for the first time.

Kids, Movies April 17, 2017

Arctic Adventure On Frozen Pond Comes to DVD 4/18 | #KidsDVD

My girls and I love watching movies together. In fact, once a week we have family movie night. We rotate who gets to choose the movie between the girls, myself, and my husband. Recently, we got an advance copy of Arctic Adventure on Frozen Pond and so of course, my youngest picked it for that week’s movie night. Now, I admit, sometimes kid’s movies are not at all entertaining for my husband and myself – but we grin and bear it for our daughters. This movie had both of us pleasantly surprised. It was actually really cute and fun. What a great film for the entire family to enjoy!

Kids, Television April 15, 2017

Young Girls Will Love Mia and Me: Season 1: Volume 1 – on DVD April 18 | #MiaAndMe

My girls have loved the show Mia and Me for a while now. They enjoy watching it and playing the games online. We were all excited to get an advance copy in the mail – and we loved it! This DVD includes half of all the season one stories! Join Mia and her friends on thirteen adventures that include the group fighting hordes of evil Munculus on dragons and protecting a newborn unicorn named Onchao who has some special talents.

Kids, Toys April 12, 2017

Add Li’l Woodzeez To Your Easter Fun This Year | #LilWoodzeez

I know I have told you guys about Li’l Woodzeez before and how much my daughters love them. They have a huge collection of these critters now and play with them pretty much every day. We started with the treehouse and we knew basically right away that new Woodzeez would be gifts for basically every holiday and birthday for years to come. Easter is around the corner and new Li’l Woodzeez Bobblehead Acorns are the perfect way to include them in your Easter fun.

Kids April 10, 2017

Add some fun to Your Kids’ Hairstyles with Buntoppers | #Buntoppers

I love having little girls because I enjoy getting them all dressed up and doing their hair for them. I am always browsing YouTube for fun hairstyles to try out. My girls, especially my 5 year old, just love being my guinea pigs! So when I was contacted about Buntoppers – I could not wait to try them out! I took one look at their website and just knew that they would get a lot of use in our home. And boy was I right! My daughters don’t go anywhere without a buntopper in their hair now.

Kids, Television April 9, 2017

Wild Kratts Panda-Monium Hits Stores 4/11! | #WildKratts #PBSKids

My daughters LOVE the PBS Kids TV Show Wild Kratts. We have even see their live show before and had a blast! We have several of their DVDs which my girls love to watch in the mini van on long car rides. Well, we were all super excited to hear about the latest one – and to receive an advance copy to check out! In Wild Kratts: Panda-monium viewers will join Chris and Martin Kratt as they learn about the amazing creature features of giant pandas, red pandas, and other incredible animals. In four action-packed adventures, the brothers save giant pandas from the evil Zach Varmitech, find an adorable little lost red panda and help to reunite her with her mother, save animals captured in China from the villain Donita Donata, and more! We love Pandas so this was a huge hit right away!

Kids, Printables, Television April 8, 2017

Tangled Before Ever After Rapunzel Prize Pack #Giveaway – On DVD 4/11 | #TangledBeforeEverAfter #Tangled

Tangled is one of the most popular movies in our house. I have two young girls who just love Rapunzel, Flynn, and Pascal! For Halloween a couple of years ago we were all Tangled characters. Whenever we go to Disney World, Rapunzel is a must meet for us! And now that they started a character breakfast with her and Flynn, that will be a must book as well. So when we heard about Tangled Before Ever After, we were thrilled! Kicking off a new TV series with a TV movie is a fabulous idea! We, of course, tuned in the night it aired – and we all loved it!

Kids, Television April 5, 2017

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: It’s Ladybug! Hits DVD 4/11 | #BeMiraculous

The most Miraculous adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir continue! Paris’ favorite crime-fighting duo return in a new volume of the action-adventure, romantic comedy that will have you on the edge of your seat. The action-packed CGI animated TV series Miraculous™: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir: It’s Ladybug! will be available on DVD April 11, 2017, from Shout! Kids, in collaboration with ZAG. This release includes six amazing episodes on DVD and a Ladybug paper doll! My daughters are HUGE fans of the series and they were so excited to get an advance copy of this DVD. We watched it immediately and they loved every episode.